Инвестиционни новини

Неделя, 30 Януари 2011 18:43

Foundation of a company in Libya

The Company CYCLON HELLAS S.A announces the joint foundation of a Libyan company under the name “DERAA AL AFRIQUE ENVIRONMENTAL S.A” with the Libyan company Deraa Al Afrique.   The new company will reside in Tripoli of Libya and will be focused in commercial activities as well as…
Неделя, 30 Януари 2011 18:43

Nine month financial results 2010

The total performance of the company is judged satisfactory, given the existing negative economic situation and the difficult conditions of the domestic market.   In this unfavourable environment, CYCLON succeeded to increase its share of market in the domestic market of petroleum products and now it exceeds the…

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